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RTF Pocket Guide

There are many formats for documents, and few are as difficult to parse as Rich Text Format (RTF), the internal format for Microsoft Word. Unlike structured formats such as XML and SGML, or even the less structured formats such as HTML or Troff, RTF reduces all styles, formats, fonts, etc., to pure presentational commands. It's filled with arcane, redundant, incomprehensible markup. Why use RTF then? Because we have to. Microsoft® Word is a ubiquitous application, and love it or hate it, we're stuck with it. So we frequently find ourselves having to deal with RTF files, either to convert to or from another format, or to make global changes. Additionally, there is little or no printed documentation for RTF. You can't always stop to search for the piece of information you need online--or take the time to wade through irrelevant or even erroneous online information. When you need to get to a solution quickly, the new RTF Pocket Guide is the book you'll want to have.

About the Author

Sean M. Burke is an active member in the Perl community and one of CPAN's most prolific module authors. He has been a columnist for The Perl Journal since 1998, and is an authority on markup languages. Trained as a linguist, he also develops tools for software internationalization and native language preservation. Sean is also the author of O'Reilly's Perl & LWP.

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